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For a list of service men & women with ties to NPHS.

Service men & women with ties to New Palestine:

Matthew D. Albers, U.S. Army
Class of 2007.

SSG Tom Barnard, Indiana National Guard
Currently with the 138th Signal Battalion in Ramadi, Iraq.
Class of 1998. 

SPC Josh Barnd, U.S. Army 
Safely returned from Iraq:-)

Mitchell Bishop, U.S. Army Reserves
Class of 2006.

Pvt. Brad Bixler, U.S. Army

Brandi Boillat,  U.S. Army Reserves
Class of 2008. 

Capt.Todd H. Bonham, Army National Guard
2nd combat tour - will deploy to Iraq w/ the 81st Bde, 
WA Army National Guard

LCpl. Thomas Borgman, USMC Reserves
Previously at FOB Delaram in Afghanistan - now stationed in Indianapolis.

Tyler Borgman, U.S. Army National Guard
Deployed  Jan 2, 2008 to Iraq.  Safely returned home.

Nathaniel Boyd, U.S. Air Force

Patrick Breen, U.S. Air Force
Stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base as an E-3 Air Traffic Controller with the 19th Air Squadron Division.

Jedediah Bronnenberg, U.S. Coast Guard
Charlevoix, MI on the cutter Acacia 

Jeremiah Brosier, U.S. Navy
Stationed on the U.S.S. Truman

Kimberly (Miller) Butler
SPC in Indiana National Guard

AD3 James Derrek Byrd 
Search and Rescue Swimmer, HC-5 Guam

AT3 James Carl, U.S. Navy
Now Stationed with VFA-151 out at NAS Lemoore, CA

Sgt. Michael Anthony Coffey, USMC
Stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Pvt. Paul Coffey, USMC
Stationed at Okinawa, Japan.   
Class of 2012.  

Lt. Craig Cooley, Army National Guard
Deployed with 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team to Iraq, March 2008
Class of 2002.

Spc. Chad J. Clark, U.S. Army National Guard
Currently stationed at Ft. Gordon, Ga.  Shipping to Iraq first of the year.

Joseph Davies, U.S. Navy

Phillp Dawalt III, U.S. Coast Guard,
Boatswains-mate 1, Currently serving in Chicago, IL.

Cpl. Travis Day, USMC
3/5 weapons company - was in Baghdad, safely returned to California:-)

Jason A. Dayton, U.S. Navy,  Retired
Retired after 20 1/2 years of service with the Navy in May 2010.
Resides in Baton Rouge, LA.
Class of 1989.
Sgt. Josh Delekamp, USMC
Safely returned home from Iraq:-)  No longer on active duty with the Marines but has re-upped with the National Guard.

Justin Derrick, U.S. Navy 
Stationed in Lemoore, CA working on F-18

Sgt. Brandon Ellis, USMC
Based at Camp Fox in Kuwait, may currently be in Iraq

Ian Espich, U.S. Navy
Currently in Iraq.

Sgt. Richard A. Fuller, Jr., U.S. Army
Currently stationed at Fort Campbell, KY

LCpl. John Ferguson, USMC
Currently in Iraq.
Class of 2005. 

Cpl. Steve Garner, USMC
Was stationed in Iraq and is now safely back.
Stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC.

AB Benjamin S. Gaskins, US Air Force
Class of 2013

A1C Jared S. Gaskins, US Air Force
Class of 2012 

Sgt. Tom Girdler, U.S. Army

Pfc. Aaron M. Green, USMC 
Stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC.

Ashley Green, MA3, U.S. Navy

Alex Griffin, U.S. Army
64th MP Co/720th MP BN

LCpl. Brian Griffin, USMC
Safely returned home from Iraq.  No longer on active duty.

LTC Stephen Guyer, U.S. Army
Deployed in Bosnia 5/2004

SPC Sarah L (Jones) Haskamp, Indiana Army National Guard
Chaplain Assistant, HHD 190th Motor Transportation Battalion
Michigan City, Indiana.
Class of 2002.

Cpl. Dana Ray Harvey II, USMC
Currently deployed and scheduled to return home Spring of 2010.
Class of 2004. 

Cpl. James G. Harvey, USMC
Currently stationed in Seattle, WA.
Class of 2007.  

Sgt. Christopher Herron, USMC
USMC rifleman, stationed in 29 Palms, CA.  Successfully returned from 2 tours in Iraq.  His enlistment ends February 2009.
Class of 1999.  IUPUI Class of 2004.

Pfc. Mark Hildebrandt, USMC
3/1 Lima Company 1st Platoon. Home Base is Camp Horno in Camp Pendleton, CA.  
Deployed to Haditha Damm,  Iraq.  Scheduled return is March 15th, 2006.

Specialist Thomas A. Hoff, U.S. Army
Recently returned from Iraq. Stationed in Washington, D.C.

Sarah (Jessup) Hodgkin, U.S. Air Force
Currently serving on a 6 month tour in Afghanistan, due to return in December.

Pfc. Wesley Holiday, USMC
Stationed at 29 Palms, California

Brandon S. Hurst, U.S. Air Force
Stationed in Kuwait

Cpl. Joe Jackson, USMC
Safely returned home from Iraq.  No longer on active duty.

Sgt. Jessica Jeske, U.S. Army Reserves
Awaiting deployment

LCpl. Grant Kissel, USMC
Combat engineer, B CO 6th Engineers 4th FSSG

Rick LaPenta
Was in Iraq, safely returned HOME:-)

Ryan Lawyer-Jones, U.S. Navy
Stationed in Jacksonville, Florida as a Medical Corpsman.
Class of 2008.  

Jason Luyk, U.S. Navy
Stationed in Mayport, Florida on the USS Simpson

Aaron Lynch, U.S. Navy 
USS Higgins, recently returned to home base in San Diego, CA

SPC Christopher Mabee, U.S. Army 
Returned home safe from first deployment to Mosul, Iraq on 12 Feb 04.
Currently on second year long deployment to Taji, Iraq. Serving with B. Co. 4-3 AVN Black Hearts.
Class of 2002.

Jared Maley, U.S. Air Force
Currently stationed in Japan

SRA Christopher Mayo, U.S. Air Force
Graduated in 2000.  C17 Flying Crew Chief, Returned from Iraq, Stationed at McChord AFB, WA.

Ryan C. Merrill
Is a Specialist attached to Signal 138, now serving in Ramadi, Iraq since June of 2005 to return with unit in June 2006.
Class of 2003. 

Capt. Lincoln J. McKinley, USMC
Returned from Iraq (May of 08) and in March, 2009 will leave the Marines after seven years of service.
Class of 1996.

LCpl. Ross Meyer, USMC
Returned safely from his third tour in Afghanistan and is now residing in CA until his contract is up in October, then he will be back in New Palestine.
Class of 2004.

SSG Joe Moore, US Army National Guard
Participated in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Returned home safely on June 22, 2005.
Class of 1997.  

Sgt. Shawn P. Morrow, U.S. Air Force 
Stationed at Minot AFB North Dakota.
Class of 2002. 

Pvt. Jimmie Lee Myers, U.S. Army 
May 2008 US Army Graduate, Ft. Knox, KY.  Now stationed in Ft. Bliss TX for further tanker training.
Class of 2007. 

LCpl. Zachary D. Nagel, USMC Reserves
Class of 2012.

Emily Navel, U.S. Army
Currently serving with the 101st airborne in Fort Campbell Kentucky and will deploy for Iraq in October.
Class of 2006.  

Jonas Neace, U.S. Army

LCDR. Bruce Ortel, U.S. Navy, Retired
Naval Aerospace Physiologist #125 in the Medical Service Corps
Retired from service in 1996.
Class of 1974.

A1C Ryan Ostrum, USAF
Stationed in Minot North Dakota, currently deployed to Iraq.
Class of 2007. 

Cpl. Aaron Poe, U.S. Army
Currently deployed to Iraq 

Capt. Joshua R. Plummer, USMC
Force Recon Platoon Commander, 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit, II MEF  

Cpl. Ben Quenichet, USMC
Was in Al Asad, Iraq, safely returned HOME
He finished his 5 years in the Marines and will be off active duty officially  Sept. 17, 2005.

Capt. Matt Quenichet, U.S. Air Force
Was in  Iraq, safely returned HOME.
Currently stationed in San Antonio, TX

Scott Quenichet, U.S. Navy
Was in Iraq, safely returned HOME

Lt. Jeremy Reynolds, U.S. Air Force
Currently serving with the 95th Airlift Squadron and stationed at Laughlin AFB for pilot training.
Class of 1996

Michael L. Robertson, TSTG, U.S. Air Force
Currently stationed at Robins AFB, Georgia.
Class of 1987.  

Specialist John Runion, U.S. Army
Was in Iraq, safely returned HOME.

LCpl. Del Schmidt, USMC Reserves

Cpl. Evan Schildmier, USMC
Returned safely from Iraq.

Eric Shields, U.S. Navy
Reporting to the U.S.S. Carter Hall, an LSD 50 ship, on November 16, 2009.
Class of 1998.  

MAJ Brian Simmons, U.S. Army
Currently stationed in Indianapolis, IN wth the 310th ESC
Father of Mitchell '09 and Connor '12 Simmons

SrA Brian Smith, U.S. Air Force
Now stationed at Moody AFB in Valdosta GA.

Pfc. Jason 'Mookie' Smith, U.S. Army
Was in Iraq, now stationed in Hawaii

SFC James L. Snyder
Currently stationed at Fort Lewis, WA with the 1st SFG(A).
Class of 1987.  

Sgt. Nick Sommers, USMC
Fulfilled his contract, safely back in Indiana, no longer active.

Cpl. Eric Sommers, USMC
Fulfilled his contract, safely back in Indiana, no longer active.

Ashley Nichole Sprague, MAA, E-3, U.S. Navy
Stationed in La Maddalena, Italy

Justin St. John, USMC

Cpt. Benton Staab, U.S. Air Force
Stationed at Thule Air Force Base, Greenland.
Class of 2005.  US Air Force Academy Class of 2009.

Ens. Elisabeth Staab, U.S. Navy
Stationed on the USS Leyte Gulf out of Norfolk, VA.  
Class of 2010.  US Air Force Academy Class of 2015. 
Carmen Stapert, USMC 
Stationed at Camp Pendleton

Chris Strubbe, U.S. Army
Formerly stationed in Korea, returned home safely.

John Ross Suits, U.S. Navy
Stationed at Norfolk VA.  He is a photo/journalist for the Navy.
To view his work go to and click on Media Resources, Photo Gallery and enter 2456 under Photo Search.

SPC Marcus Swan, U.S. Army
Home and on regular reserve status.

Specialist John Vahle, U.S. Army
Currently stationed in Ft. Stewart, GA.
Class of 1995.  

A1C Tyler Alexander Vittorio, U.S. Air Force
Security Forces
Edwards Air Force Base
Class of 2009.

LTC Craig S. Wagoner Sr., U.S. Army, Retired
Retired from Army in 2013 after completing 30 years of service. 
Flew AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopters for the Army since 1985. Served three 1 year tours in Iraq and one year long tour in Afghanistan.
Served as Battalion Commander of 1-335 Infantry Battalion, a training unit at Camp Atterbury, IN. LTC Wagoner and his wife Jenny (James), a 1982 NPHS graduate, now reside in New Palestine.    
Class of 1981. 
Jordan Wagner, U.S. Navy
Currently training in San Diego,CA, - Special Forces.
Class of 2007.  

Cpl. Shane Weiler, USMC
Fulfilled his Active Duty contract.  Home safe in Indiana. 
Class of 2011

SE Simon Wells, U.S. Navy
Currently stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii   
Class of 2000.

Steffanie McManus Whipple, U.S. Air Force
She and her husband are now stationed at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota.
Class of 2007.

PFC Griffin Widmann, U.S. Army
Military Police Officer currently stationed at Fort Hood, TX
Class of 2015.

LT Jamila Winstead, Indiana National Guard  
Signal Officer.
Mother of Quincy P Winstead (class of 2015)

Joshua Jay Wise, U.S. Army
Served in Iraqi Freedom. Fulfilled his contract, home safe in Indiana.
Class of 1999. 
Col. Christopher Wodarz, U.S. Army
Active duty Army Colonel serving in the Medical Service Corps.  Served one tour in Iraq from 2003-2004.  
Currently the Chief Financial Officer for the Regional Health Command - Central, Army Medical Department.
Class of 1985.

LCpl. Stephen Wood, USMC
Fulfilled his Active Duty contract as of Sept 2015.  Home safe in Indiana.  
Class of 2011. 

SSG Troy Wyatt, U.S. Army

LCpl. Zack Yazdzik, USMC
Was in Iraq, safely returned HOME.
Currently stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC.

We would like to thank all the men and women that serve in our country's military.  Your selfless scarafices should be honored.  May all those that our deployed return home safely.   May you always know the love and support of your home town family.

This information is based upon student, staff & family reports.  
Please email Debra Nagel at if you have additional information or wish to add someone.